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General Business Functions

The stuff all businesses need to know.

When operating a business most people focus on the end product or the things they enjoy, but before you get there, there are things that first must take place or you risk losing it all.


Maximizing Yields, creating better return.

There is more to growing a great crop than putting seeds in dirt and adding water. Best practices combined with good genetics is everything.

Harvesting Strategies

Never lose a crop

There is more to harvesting than just cutting the flower off the stem. You have to know how to properly harvest and store the product without ruining the past few months of your hard work.

Packaging and Processing

Stand out and look good.

Without considering branding and marketing in processing and packaging your finished products, you'll miss a critical area to ensure you standout amongst your competitors.

Retail and Dispensary

Where the customer meets your company.

Customers need a reason to come into the dispensary. You can't expect to open your doors and for people to just come in and spend their money.

Branding and Marketing

Set yourself apart from your competitors.

Cannabis has come a long way since ziplock bags. Now you need to have more than just something to put it in and you have to have a way for people to know about your brand and products.

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